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          Ceramic wearing products are applicated on smart watch of HuaWei. 


          Named as "Engineer station in Dongguan"by the government, proposed to inherit the experience of ceramic production.

          Invited to make the internation testing standard of ceramic knives.

          Ceramic fingerprint cover was applicated on OPPO & VIVO phone.

          Ceramic wearing products were applicated on bracelet of XIAOMI.


          Renamed to "Dongguan Surpass Structure Ceramics Co., Ltd"

          Fulfill mass products on ceramic fingerprint cover. 

          Succeed in applying the project of super thin piece of Zirconia. 

          Succeed in mass production of Tap-casting. 

          Cetified as "National High Technology company".


          Moved to Tangxia Town, Dongguan City.

          Renamed as " Dongguan Surpass Structure Ceramics Co. Ltd”.

          Named as"High funtional Structure" and " High fuctional ceramic knife".


          Succeed in mass production of phone cover with HuaWeri and JinLi. 

          Applicated on ceramic production on Spaceflight of "ChangE No.3".


          Cetified as inport and export of food grade of ceramic knife by National Quality Inspection And Quarantean Bureau. 

          Fulfill mass production of 1000K pcs per month on ceramic knives.


          Rebuilt the property, take "Shenzhen Sunlord Co., Ltd" as big stock holder.

          Cetified ceramic knife as Import and Export Food Grade Certification by National quanlity and quanranteen Bureau.

          Applicated ceramic products on national spaceflight. 


          Powder, griding media, structure products, ceramic knives pass the certificate of ROHS.


          Moved to Nanbo Industrial area in Dongguan MaCong.


          Dongguan Nanbo ceramic technology company set up.


          Record super fine Zirconia powder and structure company standard at Shenzhen City. 


          Got the new product certification of "Ball value, ball seat". China international Trading commetee will promote ceramic structure to Europeen markets. 

          Record ball value company standard at Shenzhen City.


          Got the National Sicence Technology Indentified certification of "ceramic ball value and ball seat"

          Promoted "ceramic structure" by France Technology Quality Commetee as high quality products. 

          "Super funtional ball value" and "high funtional griding media" got the Scientific Progress prize. 


          Got the High Technology Certification in Shenzhen.

          "High funtional ceramic media" got the National New Product certification. 


          "High Funtinal ceramic ball value" got the national new product certification. 


          "Ceramic ball value" got the scientific technology reaching certification. 


          Shenzhen Nanbo structural ceramic company set up.



          Address: Sunlord Industrial park, 28th Tangqing West Road, Shitan Pu, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City

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