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          Dongguan Surpass Structure Ceramics Co., Ltd


          Dongguan Surpass Structural Ceramics Co., Ltd( Dongguan  Nanbo Ceramics Technology Co., Ltd)was  built  in 1991,It  was  the wholly owned subsidiary of  Nanbo  group company  of China。Rebuilt in 2011,it is a holding by Shenzhen shunluo Electronic Co.,Ltd. (Stock#002138). 

          Total assets of the company  is 400 million RMB, the covered  constructions  reaches 81800 square meters ,the  first state covers 53000square meters Our company  have been producing  ZrO2  products for over 26 years  ,is one of the earliest and biggest  technological company in China, which devoting itself to the reach, development and application of ZrO2 products .

          Surpass owns the complete production chain from powder to the structure products,main products includes  ceramic fingerprint identification chip,ceramic mobile phone back, ceramic itelligent watch parts,ceramic ball valve,magnetic core,ceramic  knife.ect.which are adapted in many fields,e.g phone, intelligent apparel product, oil and chemical mechinery, eletronics, environmental industry.

          As the spirit of " Service for customer, Provided chance for employee, Raise value for shareholder, Bear responsiblity for Society", we wish to become the " international company with higher technology service but lower cost". 



          Address: Sunlord Industrial park, 28th Tangqing West Road, Shitan Pu, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City

          Focus on us

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